Book a Crispers Tonight Event

Crispers is committed to giving back to the communities that make us who we are through our Crispers Tonight Fundraiser Program.  We offer local organizations the opportunity to partner with Crispers for a day by allowing your biggest fans to enjoy a great meal and give back to your cause at the same time. For every person who mentions your cause at a select location, Crispers will give 20% of the proceeds from that customer to your organization so that you can further your mission in the community.

Getting started is easy

  • Fill out the form below to book a fundraiser event.
  • The event lasts all day – lunch, dinner; dine-in and To-Go!
  • To make marketing easy, Crispers will provide your organization a custom flyer to promote your event and will send it via email to your event organizer.  You can promote the event through your organization’s members, friends and family. Tip: Make sure to tag Crispers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to extend your reach! (@CrispersOnline).
  • The day of the event, anyone coming in to support your organization must mention when they are ordering that they are there for the Crispers Tonight event for your organization.
  • We will total up the sales (pre-tax) and donate 20% of the proceeds from your event directly to your organization.
  • You will receive your check within 30 days from the Crispers Corporate office.


If you would like your logo on your flyer please provide a jpg of your organization’s logo.
Please upload a W-9 form for your organization. Use link at the bottom of this page to download a W-9 form.

Download a W9 form here.