Bring the Party to You with Winter Park Catering

Summer is a fun time for everyone! You can enjoy the warm weather, cool off by the pool, go to the beach, party with friends and family, or just spend lazy summer days relaxing at home. No matter what you do, summertime can be an exciting and special time. Enjoying time with family and friends by throwing a summertime bash is a good way for you to reconnect with your loved ones. Planning this event could be fun too…..until it comes to the cooking. The thought of slaving away in a hot kitchen for hours to have delicious food for your party is something that certainly does not sound fun. Luckily, Crispers catering is here to help! With delicious, healthy, reasonably priced, and easy to order food, Crispers catering is the best solution for you.

Catering for Events Big and Small

Winter Park cateringA corporate luncheon, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, family reunion, office party, or any other event- Crispers Winter Park catering service is here to help. No event is too big or too small for us. Whether it is a few close family members, a large number of company employees, or anything in between, our Winter Park catering will provide you with the freshest of food according to your needs. With the best quality food and top notch service, we strive to make every event the best that you’ve ever had. We do not believe in the shortcuts of any pre-prepared or bagged food items and work with the best quality, fresh ingredients on a daily basis. And this shows in the aroma and taste of our food.

Our Catering Options

Our catering choices are many. You could order individual lunchboxes, fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, and more- all made with the freshest of ingredients and prepared without frying to ensure deliciously healthy flavors. Need to cater for individuals with different tastes or allergies? You have no cause to worry with Crispers catering can customize your order. Just take a look at our menu and find the closest Crispers location nearest you for quick ordering. Our Winter Park catering specialists are always ready to work with you in providing you exactly what you need.

Pricing and Specials

While our food and catering services are competitively priced, we also have other options to save you more money. Our MyCrispers Rewards Program and our special catering business accounts help save you money on catering orders. Rest assured, even if you are on a tight budget, Crispers can work with you to provide you great food that will not cost you an arm and a leg. And remember, we do not ever compromise on the quality of our food or service. Every time you order catering from Crispers using the MyCrispers Rewards Program you’ll get these great benefits:

  • 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Order online from your phone
  • Redeem points whenever you like
  • Referral & birthday rewards
  • Special offers
  • Download the Crispers App today to start receiving your rewards!

We are confident that we have the best catering prices Winter Park has.

With Crispers catering, your summer plans can be exactly as you intended- fun, relaxing, and stress-free!

Plan a Party with the Best Orlando Caterer

Nobody does Orlando catering quite like Crispers! From staff luncheons and bridal showers to holiday celebrations. As your catering Orlando specialists, we walk you through your order – regardless of how big or small. From crisp and delicious large salad platters to individual boxed lunches, we truly offer something for everyone. With years of extensive culinary and gourmet experience, Crispers is synonymous with great food and beverages for all social, private and corporate events. As your premier Orlando caterer, we can truly spruce up any event and feature an exclusive selection of sandwiches and salads made to perfection!

Catering Menu and Online Orders

Clermont LocationAt Crispers, we feature the best catering prices in Orlando. We also feature and an extensive menu of non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and even gluten-free selections. Whether for birthday parties, anniversaries, or corporate team-building events, we are proud to be your premier caterer in Orlando. With convenient online orders and pickup/delivery options, Crispers is committed to excellence in all social and business catering services. Our delicious and tantalizing menu features:

Convenient Online Ordering System

As your professional and dedicated Orlando caterers, we want to make the ordering process as smooth as possible for you. This is why our online ordering system is tailor made to meet all your needs within time and budget. Simply access our website and go the “Order Online” link, which features full menus and even options for pick-up and/or delivery.

Our online ordering system is compatible with all wired and wireless units and devices. This allows you to order from wherever you are –and especially for parties or unexpected guests.

Download the Crispers App today, it is available for all I-Phone and Android users. The Crispers App is one stop shopping, it is easy to use and everything you need is at your finger tips. You may find a location, place an order and even join the MyCrispers Reward program. For catering deliveries to homes, apartments, businesses and more, we feature:

  • $50 order minimum.
  • 4- hour advance notice preferred.
  • Please contact your restaurant for additional delivery information.

MyCrispers Reward Program

At Crispers, we feature MyCrispers Rewards Program for clients that frequently order catering in Orlando. This is a great way to save time, money. Every time you order catering from Crispers you’ll get these great benefits:

  • 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Order online from your phone
  • Redeem points whenever you like
  • Referral & birthday rewards
  • Special offers

Download the Crispers App today!

Business – Corporate Accounts

We mean business. For businesses who frequently order catering, we offer Crispers Business Accounts. If having a business account would make your life easier, ask your catering specialist for an application to set up your approved business account today. Bon Appetit!

Catering your Event Has Never Been Easier

In hosting events, there are a few things that you find yourself worrying about, one of which is going to be food. It could be a shower, it could be a corporate picnic, it could be a birthday party – the possibilities are virtually endless, and it’s up to you to make sure that you have the right services lined up. That’s easier said than done, but with the right catering, you can definitely get the job done. Crispers is one of the best catering provider in Winter Park. Why should you choose our catering over anyone else’s? There are actually a few very good reasons!

Healthy Eating with Winter Park Catering

catering provider in Winter ParkThis is a huge part of our service, and it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Our emphasis on healthy eating and superfoods puts us ahead of the game in many respects. If you want to know more, take a look at some of our 500 calorie options. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the selection.

What Your Guests Want

We’ve talked about the order by invitation option before, and it’s still one of the best services we offer. What if one of the guests has gluten intolerance? What about diabetes? What about personal taste? Crispers has a diverse menu with items that can be absolutely perfect for anyone, and you can allow your guests to choose whatever they want, however they want it. This is great news for you if you’re in a crunch for time and want to make sure everyone gets what they want. With a service like ours playing middle-man, you really can’t go wrong.

Do You Order Catering Often?

If this isn’t the first time you’ve catered, and if it won’t be your last, then there are definitely some promotions that you’ll want to take advantage of. We have some of the best healthy food in the area, but we also have some amazing deals for you. You can join our Catering VIP service, or you may apply for a business accounts, either of which will make your life a lot easier. Take a look at our Catering VIP section. One of our most popular offers among businesses is a VIP card that allows you to accumulate 25 Crisper Dollars for every 500 dollars you spend on catering. If you order catering a lot, this is going to add up, and in the end, it’ll save you a ton of money.

A Delivery Service you Can Count On

CrispersCatering is important; you need to make sure that the service delivers on time, you need to know that they’re not going to make any mistakes, and most importantly, you need to know that their food is excellent. You have three reasons to call us, right there. If you need another one, did you know that our minimum is only $50? That’s pretty low compared to other caterers, as you’re definitely going to discover if you shop around a bit.


Getting the service you need to cover your event can be difficult, but as your Winter Park Caterer, we’re going to bring you everything you require. Your event won’t be complete without a superb caterer, so let us fill in the gaps.