3 simple ways to add pizzazz to your next catered lunch

Swap out the drinks for something more crafty

Many catered lunches serve up the usual sweet tea or lemonade, some coffee for the after-lunch slump, or the go-to bottled water. Want to impress your guests? Serve craft sodas or flavored waters. At Crispers, we offer IZZE sparkling drinks, SoBe Lifewater, Naked juices and smoothies, and more. This is a really easy way to take your usual office lunch and jazz it up! Many times the smallest details make the biggest impact.Make each guest’s lunch their very own

Offering something other than platters at your catered lunch will make your guests feel like their lunch was made just for them. A boxed lunch does the trick in this case. With Crispers boxed lunches, each one includes a whole sandwich or salad, bag of chips or sliced apples, along with their choice of large cookie. What’s even better? The catering specialist who delivers your order – if that’s the route you go – unpacks the food, double checks that all orders are there and correct, and sets out the lunches for everyone. It’s like having your very own personal garcon at your disposal.

Brand a gift for them

This is where things get really fun. Think of your catered lunch like a real party and give out favors to all of your guests! If you’ve ever looked for company swag, you know the possibilities are endless. This time, think about what you can have branded that fits perfectly with not only your business, but this particular catered lunch. Coasters? Tumblers? After lunch mints? When you take the time to leave behind these little finishing touches, you guarantee that your guests will remember you long after the food is consumed.

With a little bit of creativity, a few branded swag gifts, and a fresh twist on the perfect food, your next catered lunch could have everyone on your team wishing for more…