6 reasons why feeding your staff on Black Friday is key

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday becoming a bigger deal year after year, we thought you might be looking for a few tips on how to manage those holiday sales you’re planning this year. While we may not be the experts when it comes to how you run your store or your sales, we are the experts on one thing: Food.

Here are six reasons why feeding your staff on Black Friday is key…

  1. They will feel valued. Black Friday doesn’t fall at a bad time, but the fact that the Black Friday sales continue to start earlier and earlier each year (hello! – 6pm on Thanksgiving is when some people are just sitting down for their turkey-and-gravy feast!) makes it more inconvenient for your staff. Showing that you value their time, especially on a holiday, can make all the difference.
  2. No one will get a case of hangry while on duty. You know, hungry + angry… It’s a big no-no. When you keep your staff well-fed and hydrated through the long hours they are putting in for you, the only thing that should leave them feeling less than happy is when that big ticket item sells out and they can no longer offer it to your customers.
  3. You can use it as motivation. Are you thinking about ordering a platter of cookies or a few whole Harvest Cheesecakes as dessert on Black Friday for your team? Use it to motivate their sales! Maybe something like, “First one to get X amount of people through their line and out the door gets an extra 15 minute break and first dibs on dessert!”
  4. It will fuel them with energy. We’ve got a few items on our menu that are perfect for fueling up. One of our favorites? Our SuperFood Salad. It’s packed full of healthy and powerful ingredients and can help keep your staff going all day long.
  5. You’ll be dubbed King or Queen of the workplace. Your staff will take note and appreciate you more when you do something like provide lunch, dinner, or a continuous stream of snacks on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  6. Happy staff = Happy customers. If your staff is happy, your customers will be, too. Not many retail employees look forward to working the Black Friday sales. We get it. Who wants to leave the comfort of their warm home and leftover turkey on Thanksgiving? But if you keep your team’s needs in mind, they will work harder for you.

At Crispers, we offer a variety of platters that would be perfect for feeding your hungry workers, and this year we’re offering a $5 off catering order coupon and extended delivery hours to meet your Black Friday needs.