Dinner party dilemma: feeding your vegetarian friends

The theme, the people, the food… All of these elements go hand-in-hand to make any dinner party a success. But what happens when some of the people you’ve included on your dinner party guest list are also vegetarians? That perfect party you were planning may start to feel like it’s out of reach.

Ultimately, your goal as host or hostess is to make sure every guest at your party feels comfortable and at ease, and that includes having something yummy that each individual can eat. There are a few ways we think you can be prepared for a situation like this.

    • Plan to have a meatless option, whether you have a vegetarian guest in attendance or not. Not only does this ensure that your vegetarian friends are going to have something hearty to eat, but it’s nice to have a well-rounded menu. People are often willing to try new things at a dinner party; for example, someone might be raving about a dish that another guest hasn’t tried before. One nice thing about Crispers is that, while our catering menu features a wide variety of sandwiches and wraps (and really, any of our sandwiches can be made wraps, too!), we have two specific vegetarian options. One is the Crispers ALT, a sandwich that features avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheddar cheese on multi-grain slices of bread. The other vegetarian option is the Bistro Vegetable sandwich that features roasted portobello mushroom, red pepper, red onion, cucumber, avocado, basil, lettuce, tomato, and red pepper pesto sauce on multi-grain artisan bread.
    • If you can’t figure out a meatless main dish, make sure you’ve included sides that are not only meatless, but hearty, too. What do we mean by this? Veggies with dip aren’t going to cut it. Take the time to plan side dishes (or appetizers) that everyone is not only going to eat, but RAVE about. One way to take veggies to a whole new level? Serve LOTS of them in a salad. At Crispers, we can make any of our salads meat-free, but one of our favorites – a vegetarian option – is our SuperFood Salad. Another great choice? Our Signature Summer Salad, minus the smoked turkey, of course. Why do we like these salads as our go-tos for vegetarian friends? These two salads are packed full of fruits and veggies, making them very hearty salads all by themselves.
    • Get indulgent when it comes to dessert. Frankly, we haven’t met a dessert that isn’t vegetarian-friendly, so if all else fails, you can rely on this part of the meal. Think warm brownie a la mode with lots of toppings to choose from. Pick this to serve as the culminating piece of your perfect dinner party and you’re sure to please every one of your guests.

The most important thing about making sure your dinner party is enjoyable for everyone is just making sure everyone in attendance feels at home in yours. Putting the time and effort into the menu is going to be noticed by those guests you did it for, we promise!