How to impress your lunch meeting guests with just a printer and some creativity

According to a survey of 2,000 managers reported in Industry Week, at least 30 percent of time spent in office meetings is time wasted. So when you think it is necessary to host a meeting knowing that others may not be thrilled to attend, why not get creative?

Here is how you can impress office visitors for meetings with just a printer and some creativity…

Getting the table ready

Is the industry you work in math related? Cover the table in graph paper and let your guests crunch numbers while they listen to your presentation. Or do you work in a more creative field, where meeting notes don’t need to be confined to squares on a page? Choose a roll of craft paper to cover the table and fill a few mason jars full of colored Sharpies, helping your guests’ creativity run wild all over your usually mundane conference table.

Assigning seats

You probably don’t assign seats for most of your meetings, but it may be something worth trying for your next catered meeting. Not only will your guests feel like they’ve been invited to a fancy lunch rather than a working lunch, but you can encourage them and your own team to step out of their comfort zones by mixing up the seating arrangements. Need some place card ideas? Look no further than your supply closet…

Fill your guests in on what they’re eating

Similar to place cards that let your guests know where to sit, you could alternatively use place cards to label the food you’re serving up. Again, your office supply closet can come in handy when making signs for the food table, and it’s a great way to make any food-allergic guests aware of certain ingredients, or identify other dietary restrictions such as gluten free or vegetarian options you have on the menu. Crispers’ SuperFood and Greek Salad platters are both gluten free (when you hold the crisper) and vegetarian, and Crispers’ Bistro Vegetable and ALT sandwiches can be served in a vegetarian sandwich platter, too.

Say goodbye to another boring office lunch meeting and hello to a fun, creative catered lunch meeting that has your guests waiting for another meeting invite from you!