Office lunch catering dilemma: How to serve your group

office lunch cateringA struggle some office managers (like you!) might have when planning for an office lunch is figuring out the right way to serve everyone. Platters? Individual lunches? Sit down? Grab and go? The options are limitless, especially at Crispers.

We’re sharing a few ways we think are best when serving your group…


  1. Family-style. Many people are starting to lean towards family-style serving when it comes to big events or other parties. Think of it like weekly family dinners, where large dishes of your favorite foods are passed around the table while everyone laughs and talks and has a good time enjoying each other’s company. At Crispers, we have large salad platters that are perfect for this type of dining. What’s great about this style of serving? Your guests can eat to their hearts desire. When you serve family-style, the amount of food is usually plentiful, with lots to go around.
  2. Going formal. By this we mean serving your group in a very traditional, sit-down style (We know we’re talking office lunches here, but you never know what kind of party your boss is going to ask you to throw! Big clients may mean bigger ideas when it comes to impressing them over food). With this, you often have waiters serving plated food to the group. The atmosphere is probably a little more elegant in this case, and guests are offered a smaller selection of food. What’s great about this style of serving? You can work within a budget and still be formal. When you order affordable food and dress it up with fancy dishes and white-gloved servers, your guests are none the wiser.
  3. Boxed lunches. This is a great way to serve your group when you’re having lunch or dinner in a less-than-conventional setting. Maybe you’re serving your group outside, like at a company picnic. Or maybe you’re hosting a workshop and your space is limited when it comes to where people can eat.  At Crispers, boxed lunches come with many options, from classic to signature sandwiches and fresh salads. They also include a bag of chips or sliced apples and your choice of large cookie. What’s great about this style of serving? When you offer lunch that is boxed up with everything your guests need right inside, they can really eat just about anywhere.
  4. Casual at its best. Buffet-style! You know, a big table set up with all the food set out and ready to go before your group even shows up. Each person gets to pick what he or she would like to eat, from the type of food to the amount of food. It’s also the best option when you want to offer your guests a wide sampling. You never have to worry about those vegetarian friends finding something to eat when you’ve got lots to choose from. What’s great about this style of serving? Picky eaters, or those with dietary restrictions, usually love it the most. They don’t have to worry about making a spectacle of themselves as they try to find something they like. They can easily spot what will work and what won’t.