Doing a BYOD the right way

First, it depends on exactly what kind of BYOD you are attending. Summer is on the horizon and we can think of a few different kinds of parties you or your friends might be hosting.

Maybe your kid’s school friends and their families are kicking off the start of summer (and the end of the school year) with a summer movie night. Besides having the kids bring their own “cars” to this personal drive-in movie theater, you and the other parents are tasked with the job of bringing the food. For kids, the easiest thing is finger foods. Anything they can pick up with their hands and shove in their mouths while running around a mile a minute is key! One solution for this is a platter of sandwiches, which are easy for grab-and-go situations. What’s even better is that while the kids are grabbing a sandwich and running off to do something fun, the adults can dress up the sandwiches with all of their favorite condiments, making it almost like a “made-to-order” meal. Read More

5 things we did to improve our website for you

Crispers websiteA website that looks pretty (especially when pictures of food are involved) is nice, but having a website that looks pretty and is functional for the user is even better.

We recently revamped our website and did it for one important reason: You.

We made five major changes to improve our website, and we want to make sure you know exactly what they are and how they benefit you.

  1. Easy online ordering – Not only did we add a really easy-to-find “order online now!” button at the top of our website, we’ve also integrated this option throughout the entire website. No matter what page you are on, you can order good food online, at any time. Some other places you’ll find online ordering (besides that button in the top left hand corner on every page) is just below the slider on our home page, in the menu bar at the top of our page and even on the locations page (bonus: when you’re on the locations page, your online order will automatically be directed to the location you select to start your order!).
  2. Detailed menu with photographs and nutritional information – We don’t know about you, but our favorite restaurants and cookbooks are the ones with the best pictures. Seeing what we’re going to eat is usually key when making that tough decision of “what should I order today?” With our detailed menu, you will now find a picture of every item we offer and a brief description with ingredients and nutritional information, too. This is especially helpful for anyone who is watching what he/she eats, or has certain dietary restrictions.
  3. Informational (but fun!) blog – Who doesn’t love a good food blog? The only thing better than reading about good food is eating it! On our blog, we introduce new menu items, give tips and tricks on being the hostess with the mostess, offer insight from our very own chef and registered dietitian, and much more.
  4. Fully functioning responsive design – What does all of that mumbo jumbo mean? It’s really quite simple: You can visit our website from any computer, smart phone, or tablet, and you’ll be able to fully navigate through all aspects of it without getting frustrated. Ever visit a website that doesn’t conform to your smart phone because it’s not mobile-friendly? You know, when you have to try zooming in to read the text or can’t quite click the link you need because it’s so small or off-centered? That won’t happen with our website because it reacts to whatever device you are using for the best online experience.
  5. More ways to connect – You can find us on nearly every social media platform, from Facebook to Pinterest, and you can download our own mobile app in the iTunes and Google Play stores. We want you to be able to connect with us however you prefer to do so. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #lovecrispers anytime you see fit!

Crispers website

We really love our new website and we hope you do, too… Because really, you are who we made it for. Happy browsing!

Heart Health Month…did you celebrate it?

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Diets come and go…

Today it seems that the opposite is true with legions eschewing carbs and following a higher protein diet (think Paleo and Zone). Despite this recent trend towards a meat-centered diet, the vegetarian lifestyle—and it’s many variants—has remained strong. However, with much of the media focus on protein, it can be confusing to navigate the sea of ever-changing dietary information, especially if you’re electively choosing to eliminate meat and/or meat products from your diet. Read More

Holiday Party Tips from the CEO of Crispers

As a wife, mother and the busy CEO of Crispers, I love to entertain but sometimes find it hard to juggle the day-to-day demands and throw in something fun like a party with friends and family. During the holiday season though, I make it a priority to do just that …even though finding the time to plan, shop, prepare and cook the food, and THEN decorate the table seems impossible. I often look for timesavers to help get the job done. I don’t claim to be the next Martha Stewart (that’s a big one to live up to!) but I do have a few party tips I think might help you in throwing your next party.

When planning a menu, I try to focus on the main dish. My go-to’s are usually a roasted turkey, pork loin or fried chicken. I’m originally from the south, so that’s where the hankering for fried chicken comes from.

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The Golden Grain

A small, grain-like seed originating in South America, quinoa dates back to Pre-Columbian times and is prized today for its high protein levels as well as for its soluble and insoluble fiber content (one cup of cooked quinoa has over 20% of your daily fiber requirements and 8 grams of protein – almost double the amount of protein in rice). Because of its superior nutritional value, quinoa is commonly called ‘the golden grain’ of the Andes amongst researchers and devotees.

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