Planning ahead: 6 themes for your office holiday party

Since the holidays are right around the corner, though, we thought it might be fun to run through a few office holiday party themes for this year. Whether you’re thinking of doing something for Halloween (where all guests in attendance need to come dressed in costumes), or you’re saving one of these fun ideas for a fancy Christmas party (where everyone can still come dressed to the nines, rather than wearing a boring ol’ ugly Christmas sweater), we think these themes are ones you won’t want to miss this year…

  • Mad Men. Think vintage cocktail dresses, a sharp looking suit, a few candy cigarettes, and a bar cart of classic adult beverages (served after work hours, of course)! The ladies can go all out with their up-dos, and the men can huddle together in the “lounge” before the party starts. Don’t forget to throw some Frank Sinatra on the record player to set the mood.
  • The Great Gatsby. Art Deco inspired invitations, champagne flutes, flapper dresses, and bow ties. We’re also pretty sure your office needs to be covered in black, white, and gold, and twinkling lights galore. A little jazz will go a long way to set the mood for this party. Any time is a good time for the roaring twenties to make a comeback, don’t you agree?
  • A White Party. Really, there’s just one word we need to say that will explain this one: White. The celebrities do it, so why shouldn’t you? Deck out the decor, yourselves, and the food in white. We think this theme is great for Christmas, especially in Florida when the one thing we’re lacking during the winter is the white snow like our friends up north get to enjoy.
  • Across the Decades. The Mad Men theme covered the ’60s, and the Gatsby theme covered the ’20s, but what will this theme cover? Every decade! What makes this one fun is that your guests get to decide which decade they want to bring to the party. Maybe you have some hippie-esque coworkers that will want to represent the ’70s, or some friends who loved the big hair and white-washed jeans of the ’80s. Just think about what fun pictures you’ll get with this theme!
  • Murder Mystery. A “who did it?” is a great way to drum up a lot of fun for any party. You can always buy a game in a box, write your own script and story, or hire a professional company to come into your office to perform. A murder mystery party can also be used as a team building activity for your office. Why not have fun while you learn to work together better?
  • A Royal Good Time. Become Lords and Ladies when you throw a royal themed party and serve up a true feast. This is great for an office party because everyone can bring a dish to share. Just make sure there’s no jousting involved. We’re not so sure your boss (or the HR department) will be too keen on that!