Planning Thanksgiving Day? Make it something you’re thankful for, too!

You know the ones we’re talking about. You’ve named them things like, “A White (or as-white-as-Florida-can-get) Christmas” or “The Ultimate Thanksgiving”, and you’ve pinned things to them that would make Martha Stewart look like a hostess newbie. From recipes to table settings to decorations for every room of your house, being in charge of the holiday dinner for your family is something many hostesses don’t take lightly.

But we know that many times there is something else that comes with planning these elaborate dinners, and that is stress. While we know it’s hard to take the stress out of every dinner party you throw, there are some things you can do to make this Thanksgiving something you’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time to do just that, give thanks. Many of your guests will find it easy to do that because they aren’t the one making sure everything tastes, looks, and goes just right. But we want to make sure you – the hostess – are able to give thanks, too.

Last year, our CEO shared holiday party tips for this time of year. From starting with dessert (hey, that’s a dish everyone remembers anyway!) to letting Crispers help with the sides, she had some great tips that you could use this year, too.

Looking for a few more ways to make Thanksgiving a little easier on you?

  • Add soup to your menu. It’s fall… Why shouldn’t you? Soups are an easy way to get in the holiday spirit and help everyone feel warm and cozy. Last month we shared eight soups you may have never thought to have catered, and yes, we serve them all at Crispers. (We don’t offer French Onion soup for catering, but we offer all the others… Doesn’t Butternut Squash soup sound like something you want to add to your Thanksgiving menu?)
  • Hit up your local craft store. With the invention of Pinterest and social media (you know, the places where everyone goes to share their latest DIY projects), many stores have made it easy (and affordable) for everyone to have cute things in their homes at the holidays. Your local craft store is a great place to find cute and crafty things for Thanksgiving (and every other holiday you can think of!). You can find a “Give Thanks” burlap bunting to hang on your mantle, cardboard pumpkins, mason jars with tea light candles, and chalkboard place cards to finish off your dinner table. By using the help of a craft store when it comes to the festive decor, you can focus on bigger things like the menu.
  • Start early. And we don’t mean 6 am on Thanksgiving Day. We’re talking Thanksgiving Eve (but maybe not as early as 6 am if you start a day in advance). Think about the food that can be prepped, or even made ahead of time. For most things, you can do the chopping and measuring early, and just stash away in Ziploc bags until you need to really start the dish. What’s even easier to start early with? Anything you plan to order online. Schedule your food days in advance and let someone else (aka Crispers!) do the work for you!
  • Let the kids get in on the action. Kids love to help. Mixing, mashing, washing dishes… You say the word, and they’ll likely be right there next to you in the kitchen, throwing on their mini-me apron, ready to get their hands dirty. Having them act as Mom’s little helper can sometimes be more work than it’s worth, but this time of year it’s all about spending time with the ones you love. And who knows, they may walk away being a little more thankful for you in the end, too!

When it comes to planning Thanksgiving, Crispers is here to help.