Send summer break out in style, like this…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t send summer break out in style. You may remember that we had a few ideas on how to welcome this glorious season, and you better believe we have a few ideas on how to say goodbye to it, too.

Pack for a picnic

Nothing says summer quite like a picnic. So if you’re looking to extend yours for just a little while longer, a picnic might be the perfect way. Grab your favorite foods (or order online from Crispers and pick them up on your way to your special spot), invite a few of your closest friends, throw a frisbee or pack of cards in your basket, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfect picnic.

Make a photobook with all of your summer memories

Living in the 21st century, chances are you have a smartphone that you use as many things, including your very own pocket-sized digital camera. If you’re anything like us, you’ve taken your fair share of pictures this summer, and have maybe even used a special hashtag or two when sharing them on social media with your friends. At Crispers we use the hashtag #lovecrispers, making it easy for us to see all the pictures we post (and the pictures you share with us when you use it, too!). There are many printing services you can use, and some even let you print photos that use that special hashtag you’ve created to make it easy to sort and choose exactly which photos you’re looking to turn into a keepsake.

Host a ‘farewell to summer’ party

Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate just about anything. When it comes to hosting a ‘farewell to summer’ party, think about the foods you can serve and the decorations you can use. Our favorite summer foods include any one of our salads. The Crispers SuperFood Salad and Signature Summer Salad are two perfect examples because they are packed full of fresh toppings. Not only can these both be ordered as salad catering platters, but our fresh fruit platter screams summer, too. Looking for something a little heavier, but that still has that summertime feel? A wrap platter would probably do. ProTip: At Crispers you can order any of our sandwiches as a wrap. One of our favorites to do this with in the summer? The Bistro Vegetable! 

Get outside

Dining outside this time of year is a favorite of most Floridians, especially for an early lunch or a late dinner because the temperatures are more mild at those times. Take your meal outside, whether it’s a meal you’ve prepared at home, a dinner you’ve picked up to-go, or even at one of our Crispers locations that has a great outdoor dining area.

Now that we’re saying goodbye to summer, who’s ready to say hello to fall? It’s certainly one of our favorite times of the year!