Six Superfoods your Body is Missing Out On

When one talks about ‘Superfoods’ they tend to get a bit confused, because there is some argument over the nomenclature floating around. The word is often thrown around arbitrarily, meaning there is still vast confusion over what a superfood actually IS. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one suffering from a bit of confusion, so before we go into types of superfoods out there for you to partake of, we’re going to talk about what they are and why they can make a difference in your life.

A Brief Analysis of Superfoods

To put it in layman’s terms, superfoods are simply nutritionally dense. That being the case, they are widely considered to be good for an individual’s health, and in general, these will include plant-based foods. In some cases, however, they can be extended to include fish and dairy, making it a pretty well rounded ‘food group’. We kid, of course, superfoods do not encompass a food group. While the American Heart Association states that there is no clear way to define superfoods, there are a few that come to mind when you are trying to build the perfect breakfast smoothie or simply place an order at a restaurant.

A Look at Superfoods

The following, without further ado, are a brief list of superfoods hat you can expect to enjoy on your salad, your sandwich, or even in a breakfast smoothie.

BlueberriesWhen you’re on the lookout for superfoods, this is probably going to be at the top of the list, and with good reason. These are chock full of vitamins and soluble fiber, making them a perfect solution for anyone who wants to get their share of vitamins and nutrients. In fact, a 2013 study showed that blueberries can actually reduce the risk of heart conditions in young women.

StrawberriesStrawberries help to eliminate free radicals, and they provide outstanding antioxidants such as:

  • Flavonoids

  • Phenolic Phytochemicals

  • Ellagic Acid

Not only can strawberries help with the eyes, they can actually help to boost your immune system, which can be a much-needed form of assistance. Don’t forget to get your daily dose of strawberries, and definitely check out some of our dishes that include them!

Quinoa beans and grains are a definite addition to the superfood list, and beans are always a source of low-fat protein. In addition to that, they contain both types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, making them absolutely perfect. Bear in mind that this incredibly important food staple is often missing from the Standard American Diet (SAD), making it all the more important for you to see it out on your own.

AvocadosIf you’re looking for the ultimate superfood then your search is over! Avocado contains high levels of potassium, more so than bananas, actually. In addition to that, they’re loaded with monosaturated fatty acids, oleic acid, in particular. These are resistant to heat-induced oxidation, which makes avocado oil healthy for cooking. Finally, they’re an outstanding source of fiber, which feeds the4 friendly cut bacteria in the intestine.

SalmonWe’ve reached the conclusion of this list, but we just couldn’t finish it off without at LEAST mentioning salmon. Fish are often the unsung heroes of the superfood world, and there are plenty of benefits to eating them. Most commonly, you would derive Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish, which lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Superfoods can easily become a very important part of your diet, so don’t neglect them! Now would definitely be a great time to compile a list of your favorite sand start making sure that they’re included in every meal you eat – it can be a difficult endeavor at times, but definitely worth it to further the overall health of your body.


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