The office lunch trifecta: 3 things that make ordering lunch easier

There are three big things that can come into play when setting a lunch like this up…

  1. Finding a restaurant that offers healthy options, especially when dietary needs are an issue. Whether it’s a voluntary diet or something a doctor has prescribed, many people today are conscious of what they consume. From vegetarian to low-carb to gluten-free (and everything in between), there’s a lot to be mindful of when placing a lunch order for others. At Crispers, not only can you order a variety of health-conscious options, such as our SuperFood Salad or Bistro Vegetable Sandwich (both available as catering platters), you can also offer your lunch guests “Order by Invitation“.With this, you let your guests choose their own individual meal from our online menu. Wondering how it works? First, invite their guests to select their own meal via our online ordering website. As they select their meals, you will receive individual email confirmations. Once all the orders have been entered, you log into your online account and verify, modify, and/or add to the order and submit it to the restaurant. Everyone’s meal is made especially for them, and this includes any dietary needs they may have.
  2. Finding a restaurant that delivers. There are so many tasks that need to get done in a single workday. Being in charge of picking up and delivering lunch is probably not one you want to add to your list. Not all restaurants do delivery, and some that do won’t deliver beyond a certain distance. At Crispers, not only do we deliver, but we bring the order in, set it up, and make sure you have everything you need before we leave. A few things to be mindful of… The order must be a $50 minimum and we appreciate 24-hour notice to make sure we can meet all of your delivery needs.
  3. Finding a restaurant that makes it easy to order, whether it’s by phone, from your computer or on your smartphone. Everyone has their preference when it comes to placing an order like this, so finding a restaurant that has multiple ways to order is key. We mentioned earlier that Crispers offers “Order by Invitation”, but there are other ways to order with us, too. You can call in your order, you can order online from your computer or your smartphone, or you can order in our mobile app. Pick your preference!

When you’ve found a restaurant – like Crispers – that offers all three of these things, you’ve hit what we like to call the office lunch trifecta. Not only is this a win for you, but a win for your office, too.