Two birds, one stone: Kid’s party food that adults will enjoy, too

There are many things you can serve up that are still kid-friendly, but that the adults in attendance will want (and welcome!), too. If you get on board with offering something a little out of the ordinary (as far as kids birthday parties are concerned) at the next one you throw, you’ll surely be dubbed the hostess with the mostest on your block.

  • Finger sandwiches — When you take a sandwich and cut it into smaller serving sizes, making it easy for even the smallest hands to grab, you entice kids into eating something that may seem like just a run of the mill lunch staple for them. You could even consider using a cookie cutter to cut them into a fun shape while leaving some full-size sandwiches for the big kids (a.k.a. adults) to enjoy, too. Crispers sandwich platters offer your choice of classic or signature sandwiches, letting you pick a classic ham or turkey for the kids, and maybe something more fun like the Crispers Club or Crispers Tuna Salad for the adults.
  • Single serving veggies and dip — This is probably one of our favorite Pinterest-inspired ideas. Not only is it a cool & refreshing option for summer, but it’s super easy, too. Kids will be begging to get their serving of veggies in when you offer it to them in shot-sized clear plastic cups with their favorite ranch dip and baby-sized veggies. You could take this same idea and serve any of your favorite dips (think layered bean dip, spinach and artichoke dip, and more!) with crackers and chips like this as well. We think your peers at the party would really like those variations, too!
  • Fruit salad — Another way to get those kids to beg to get their perfect serving of fruit in is to offer all their favorite fruits in one big bowl. Some kids might pick and choose what they want to eat from this, but you’ll be surprised by how many kids will actually try something new when it’s served up next to something they are already used to eating. 

Now that you have a good start to your new & improved party menu (featuring kid’s party food that adults will enjoy, too), what are you waiting for? Have that little rascal of yours pick out his/her favorite theme (we’re thinking luau, mermaids, sharks & minnows, and more for a perfect summer bash) and get the party started!