Why we love fall as much as you do. Really!

From pumpkin flavored coffees, donuts, and bread to pumpkin-scented candles and soaps, we’re ready to bust them out the minute October rolls around. Here at Crispers, we’re no different! However, you may not realize that we keep a few of our favorite fall foods on the menu all year long.

Turkey Cranwich

turkey cranwichIntroduced during the fall of last year, the Turkey Cranwich quickly became a favorite of ours and our guests alike. We realized early on that this couldn’t just be a seasonal item added to our menu, but something we wanted to be able to enjoy all year. We like to describe this sandwich as your favorite holiday leftovers… elevated. We start with the classics and take them to a whole new level in this fall sandwich. We pair sliced smoked turkey with whole cranberry sauce, crisp gala apple slices, smooth green onion cream cheese, and melted Swiss cheese, all served on a warm brioche roll. If you haven’t tried this one, what are you waiting for?

Eight soups that hit the spot

Soup is a great go-to in the fall, but we serve all eight of our soups all year long, too. Some of our favorite to have this time of year, though? Our Butternut Squash Soup (vegetarian-friendly!) and Loaded Potato Soup just scream fall to us. Pair any of our soups with a half sandwich, especially any of our sandwiches that are served warm, and you’ve got a Pick-a-Pair that will fill you up and keep you toasty as the temperatures continue to drop.

Harvest desserts

Okay, we’ve come to one of our fall favorites that is actually a limited-time menu item. The Harvest Cheesecake was introduced last fall and is making a return this year, too. Warning: We cannot be held responsible for any cravings you have after reading the following description. This creamy cinnamon cheesecake is layered with sweet potato spice cake and maple cream cheese icing, and then dusted with caramelized hazelnuts. Don’t worry, we do keep our Harvest Cookie on the menu 365 days a year, so you can have your fall fix anytime.

Any of these fall foods can be ordered in the restaurant, online, or as part of a catering order. We do need to remind you, though, if you choose the Turkey Cranwich as part of a catering platter, it won’t be served warm, so this may be one better left for your next trip to your local Crispers. As for the rest? From sandwiches to soups to harvest desserts, we can help you serve them up at your next catered party. Just ask!