Catering your Event Has Never Been Easier

In hosting events, there are a few things that you find yourself worrying about, one of which is going to be food. It could be a shower, it could be a corporate picnic, it could be a birthday… Read More

Catering for Birthday Parties

  When it comes to having a birthday party for yourself, a child, a parent, a grandparent, or even a friend, you know there will be lots of fun, games, socialization, and, of course, food. Planning such an… Read More

Three Reasons to Hire a Caterer Service for your Next Meeting

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Holiday Catering – A Service you Can’t Pass Up

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It’s Time for a Spring Picnic – Three Dishes You Should Bring

Brandon Catering

Spring is a time for laughter and fun, but do you know what else it’s time for? Picnics! That’s right, you can have picnics again! You can sit under the warm sun and enjoy the company of good… Read More

Cold hard facts: It pays to feed your employees

Okay, so maybe you just read that title and thought to yourself, What is Crispers thinking!?

Yes, you read it right. We are telling you that it will pay in the long run when you feed your employees, or at least treat them on occasion. Many companies are learning that offering perks to employees means a happier team and, as a result, greater success for the company itself. One of these perks could be providing food for your employees. Read on to learn a little bit more as to how and why. Read more.

Office lunch catering dilemma: How to serve your group

A struggle some office managers (like you!) might have when planning for an office lunch is figuring out the right way to serve everyone. Platters? Individual lunches? Sit down? Grab and go? The options are limitless, especially at Crispers.

We’re sharing a few ways we think are best when serving your group… Read more.

The office lunch trifecta: 3 things that make ordering lunch easier

Your boss has asked you to set up an office lunch for what feels like the hundredth time this month. You’ve run through your list of go-to’s and are feeling a little frustrating in making sure things go smoothly this time when you place your order. Making sure your boss – and his clients – are happy when it comes to this lunch meeting is important to you.

There are three big things that can come into play when setting a lunch like this up… Read more.

3 simple ways to add pizzazz to your next catered lunch

We know everyone can get a little tired of the same ol’ sandwich platter and potato salad office lunch, so you may want to consider adding one of these three simple things to spruce up your next catered lunch. Read more.

Planning Thanksgiving Day? Make it something you’re thankful for, too!

The holidays are upon us and that means one thing for those of you out there who always host your family’s big dinners – it’s time to put your Pinterest boards into action.

You know the ones we’re talking about. You’ve named them things like, “A White (or as-white-as-Florida-can-get) Christmas” or “The Ultimate Thanksgiving”, and you’ve pinned things to them that would make Martha Stewart look like a hostess newbie. From recipes to table settings to decorations for every room of your house, being in charge of the holiday dinner for your family is something many hostesses don’t take lightly. Read more.