Two Superfoods that Should be on Every Plate

  If you’re trying to load up your plate in a healthy manner, you’re going to need superfoods – there’s just no question about it. So here’s a fun question then: what is a superfood? What does it… Read More

Superfoods – An Overview of the Avocado

  Avocados are a trendy and delicious fruit with roots in Central America. They are a versatile and delicious food, and one of the few deserving of the title “Superfood.” From a creamy sandwich topper or a fantastic… Read More

The Golden Grain

Quinoa (pronounced KEENWAH), one of the main ingredients in our SuperFood Salad, is making a 5,000 year comeback!

A small, grain-like seed originating in South America, quinoa dates back to Pre-Columbian times and is prized today for its high protein levels as well as for its soluble and insoluble fiber content (one cup of cooked quinoa has over 20% of your daily fiber requirements and 8 grams of protein – almost double the amount of protein in rice). Because of its superior nutritional value, quinoa is commonly called ‘the golden grain’ of the Andes amongst researchers and devotees. Read more.