Whether it’s a staff luncheon, bridal shower, or holiday celebration, we’re setting you up to be a CATERING HERO when you serve Crispers to your guests.

Our catering specialists are prepared to walk you through your order, regardless of how big or small. From large salad platters to individual boxed lunch options, we know how to impress your guests. Even picky eaters love us!

Order by Invitation

What’s the best way to make sure everyone gets what they want? Let your guests choose their own individual meal from our online menu.

Here’s how it works. The organizer invites their guests to select their own meal via our online ordering website. As the invitees select their meals, the organizer receives individual email confirmations. Once all the orders have been entered, the organizer logs into their online account and verifies, modifies or adds to the order and submits it to the restaurant. Everyone’s meal is made especially for them. This ensures that everyone is happy, including you! Please note: Your order must be submitted 24 hours before your event.

Catering VIP

Do you frequently order catering? Become a Crispers Catering VIP and start receiving your VIP benefits today!

For every $500 you spend on catering, you will receive 25 Crispers Dollars on your VIP card which can be used at any of our locations. Bonus: These Crispers Dollars never expire!

Business Accounts

Be a Crispers Catering Hero! For businesses who frequently order catering, we offer Crispers Business Accounts.

If having a business account would make your life easier, ask your catering specialist for an application to set up your approved business account today.

Did you know we deliver?

  • $50 order minimum
  • Delivery fee (contact location for more information)
  • Order delivery online within a 5 mile radius of any location.
  • For delivery further than 5 miles, please call the location closest to the delivery address to set up delivery.


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