Interactive Nutrition Menu

With using our interactive nutrition menu, please note that menu items do vary by location and the availability of local produce and other ingredients.

Half Sandwiches

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
ALT3702036551225560View Info
Asiago Beef4902932252680990View Info
Bistro Veggie4702750538151160View Info
BLT2501322121025620View Info
Chicken Pecan Salad3004.545371825890View Info
Club33012353320351140View Info
Cuban32012281418401470View Info
East Coast Chicken420173921521551040View Info
French Dip3601336212350790View Info
Grown-up Grilled Cheese2601420101025620
Reuben35014363621501350View Info
Smoked Turkey Delight410154531321501180View Info
Southwest Chicken42019423102145900View Info
Tuna Salad3401238321930780View Info
Turkey Cranwich36012422162155780View Info
Citrus Chicken Wrap41014586141520990View Info
Chicken Caesar Wrap44018442123451460View Info

Whole Sandwiches & Wraps

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
ALT71037729922451080View Info
Asiago Beef980576239521601990View Info
Bistro Veggie79050749612351860View Info
BLT50026422221501230View Info
Chicken Pecan Salad59098961335501800View Info
Club64025562836802940View Info
Cuban64025562836852940View Info
East Coast Chicken8303577329421102080View Info
French Dip710257233461001570View Info
Grown-up Grilled Cheese4902639102270640
Reuben700287271342952700View Info
Smoked Turkey Delight8203189526421002350View Info
Southwest Chicken830378352041901800View Info
Tuna Salad67023765437601560View Info
Turkey Cranwich7102381430431101540View Info
Wrap - Chicken Caesar71032623241902430View Info
Wrap - Citrus Chicken750279893233551960View Info

Small Salads

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
Caesar804822510180View Info
Caribbean Chicken1503.5165111325490View Info
Caribbean Crab1403165111475250View Info
Chef Salad1801072417155600View Info
Chicken Caesar1404.58221735540View Info
Garden1006834615140View Info
Greek270172859735980View Info
Southwest260827642045690View Info
Summer32017275211945710View Info
Super Food250113682050240View Info
Thai Chicken240729471530540View Info
Slammin Salmon31014275202445540

Large Salads

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)More Info
Caesar170816531120380View Info
Caribbean Chicken2304307212040750View Info
Caribbean Crab2203.53072121110400View Info
Chef Salad360201448333051210View Info
Chicken Caesar250916532860920View Info
Garden2101216591235290View Info
Greek Salad480304891614651800View Info
Southwest Salad480165211834751140View Info
Summer Salad480234373230801150View Info
Super Food4301765143490460View Info
Thai Chicken43013547122545920View Info
Slammin Salmon50016529393385750

Whole & Half Flatbreads

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
1/2 Spring3601147362030450View Info
1/2 Margherita3801445341725580View Info
1/2 Caribbean430106131925451010View Info
1/2 Mediterranean4402347331210870View Info
1/2 Chicken Club51021432236701110View Info
1/2 Thai Chicken520176442028701090View Info
1/2 Turkey Cran48017583152670690View Info
Spring72023946123965900View Info
Margherita75029916734501160View Info
Caribbean8501912153750902020View Info
Mediterranean88045946623251740View Info
Chicken Club1020418744721402210View Info
Thai Chicken105034127739561352150View Info
Turkey Cran97033116630511451380View Info

Whole & Half Flatbread Salads

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
1/2 Blackened Chicken66036495537801410View Info
1/2 Caribbean650267862927451200View Info
1/2 Margherita5102649452245910View Info
1/2 Mediterranean5002851451210980View Info
1/2 Spring60033575142350820View Info
1/2 Thai Chicken780329162832701570View Info
Blackened Chicken1320729799751652820View Info
Caribbean112036150115453902270View Info
Margherita1030529881043901820View Info
Mediterranean10105710191026252050View Info
Spring Salad115062110924451001640View Info
Thai Chicken1570641831256651353140View Info


ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
Cup Vegetarian Chili1102101150640View Info
Cup Tomato Bisque2101614211325620View Info
Cup Loaded Potato160101611420600View Info
Cup Kicken Crab16081616635680View Info
Cup Chicken Noodle8021011515640View Info
Cup Butternut Squash180112029240450View Info
Cup Broccoli Cheddar15010922730660View Info
Bowl Vegetarian Chili1802.5181390960View Info
Bowl Tomato Bisque35026244195451020View Info
Bowl Loaded Potato2801626336401000View Info
Bowl Kicken Crab270142711010601130View Info
Bowl Chicken Noodle140318139251060View Info
Bowl Butternut Squash3001134315470740View Info
Bowl Broccoli Cheddar24016152411501060View Info

Frozen Desserts & Shakes

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
Ice Cream - Chocolate260172312357550View Info
Ice Cream - Vanilla260172302348060View Info
Sorbet - Strawberry110025225000View Info
Sorbet - Mango120028028000View Info
Shake - Strawberry410116955971595View Info
Shake - Mango4401178068615100View Info
Shake - Kids Chocolate540344934612160135View Info
Shake - Kids Vanilla550355004710160150View Info
Shake - Chocolate920598247620240220View Info
Shake - Vanilla930608307716245240View Info
Shake - Chocolate Monkey115058142313916235190View Info
Smoothie - Kids Mango1700400371020View Info
Smoothie - Kids Strawberry1800411391020View Info
Smoothie - Mango2400551522020View Info
Smoothie - Strawberry2300542492020View Info

Cookies & Brownies

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
Cookie - Oatmeal Raisin1103.518172595View Info
Cookie - Chocolate Chip12061711015140View Info
Cookie - Triple Chocolate12061711111580View Info
Cookie - White Chocolate Mac260153312222555View Info
Cookie - Peanut Butter1307151925170View Info
Cookie - Oatmeal Raisin280945316525220View Info
Cookie - Chocolate Chip3001344125320330View Info
Cookie - Triple Chocolate3101442128540200View Info
Cookie - Lemon Cooler3201543127335250View Info
Cookie - Peanut Butter3201638224510440View Info
Cookie - White Chocolate Mac3401841127335220View Info
Cookie - Harvest3601648425630230View Info
Brownie4001955236530220View Info
Biscotti Brownie Explosions6402886266930290View Info
Crispie Treat460891040520550View Info

Small & Large Dressings

ItemCalories (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Cholest. (mg)Sodium (mg)Allergens
SM FF ITALIAN20040200810View Info
SM FF RASPBERRY5001401200130View Info
SM BALSAMIC90050300360View Info
SM JALAPENO RANCH13015101015370View Info
SM LITE RANCH14012302210400View Info
SM RASPBERRY WALNUT1701670700115View Info
SM RANCH17019202015410View Info
SM HERB CITRUS1901760500190View Info
SM 1000 ISLAND19019616015340View Info
SM BLUE CHEESE20022202235550View Info
SM HONEY MUSTARD2001218016010460View Info
SM HONEY LIME210191401305135View Info
SM THAI SPICY PEANUT230191301110550View Info
SM GREEK2602910000230View Info
SM CAESAR26026302325660View Info
LG FF ITALIAN250502001090View Info
LG FF RASPBERRY9002301900210View Info
LG BALSAMIC130060400480View Info
LG JALAPENO RANCH22025202025620View Info
LG LITE RANCH23020603315670View Info
LG RASPBERRY WALNUT280261101100200View Info
LG RANCH29031303025680View Info
LG 1000 ISLAND3103110210025570View Info
LG HERB CITRUS32029110800320View Info
LG BLUE CHEESE33036303360910View Info
LG HONEY MUSTARD3302130027015770View Info
LG HONEY LIME3503124021010220View Info
LG THAI SPICY PEANUT380332301910940View Info
LG CAESAR430436036451110View Info
LG GREEK4404920000390View Info

Variances may occur due to the inherent nature of fresh cooking and possible variations in ingredients from local suppliers, region of the country, season of the year and scratch preparation. Some menu items may not be available in all locations; test products, seasonal specials and regional items may not be included. Crispers and its vendors assume no responsibility for errors in labeling or changes in the composition of ingredients or prepared products used in recipes and menu items that are the direct or indirect fault of the suppliers, distributors, and purveyors of said ingredients and products. The nutritional information provided herein presumes that the staff of a Crispers location is complying with preparation, ingredient, supple and proportioning requirements.